Belonging to a family of three generations of jewellers, Toorya is an endeavour to foray in the field of fashion jewellery. We know how great it feels wearing a pair of earrings for the first time, gifting a bracelet to your loved one and seeing the look on their face as it lights up. It is a feeling that exceeds all others.
We believe in – providing jewellery that becomes a mode of expression. We change every day with the needs of the market and we make jewellery that speaks to everyone individually. All our jewels are handcrafted and made with great love and care. Helping women accessorise better is our passion.
Toorya is here to make your everyday accessorising a little more glamorous and charming.

Brand Philosophy

We at Toorya, believe that anything you wear is an extension of your self. Jewellery completes your statement to the world just the way it completes your look.

Our motto is acceptance – of self and others in any and every capacity.

And thus, we want to provide you with accessories that go with your ever-changing vibe and feelings. Change is the only thing constant in this world. We change every day, we grow every day. With that in mind, we are growing up to the possibilities of greatness by discovering ourselves each day.

There are a lot of things that make us different from others but just one that makes us all the same; our ability to feel.